Mosquito Spray for Events

Share the Moment, Not the Frustration

Are you planning an important outdoor event that will take place in your backyard with lots of guests, food, and activities? Your to-do list is probably full of decorations and recipe ideas, but don’t forget about those nasty mosquitoes lurking in your lawn.    

Nothing ruins a fun-filled day than an attack of pesky mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are carriers of a wide variety of dangerous diseases like West Nile and the Zika Virus.  Plus many adults and children are extremely allergic to mosquito bites. Our mosquito spray services are the answer!

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Planning an Outdoor Event?

If you are planning an outdoor event, at DFW Mosquito, we say “stop hitting yourself!” Call the friendly professionals at your locally owned DFW Mosquito for an estimate on our mosquito spray for events. We are happy to apply a mosquito treatment for your yard the day before your big event like:

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  • Birthday parties for kids and adults
  • Cookouts and barbecues
  • Family reunions
  • Holiday gatherings
    • 4th of July
    • Memorial Day
    • Labor Day

Water Invites Mosquitoes

Hosting your child’s birthday party and renting a blow-up water slide or bounce house? Or do you have a pool in your backyard?  

Wherever there is water, there will always be plenty of mosquitoes!  DFW Mosquito will virtually eliminate those pests so your family and friends can enjoy the momentous outdoor occasion you worked so hard to plan.

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Mosquito Control for Events Pricing

A courteous professional at DFW Mosquito will be thrilled to make your special day virtually mosquito free.  If you have an outdoor wedding, 4th of July picnic, or your child’s birthday party coming up, call today for a fast and free estimate over the phone.  

DFW Mosquito control for events treatments start at just $199.  

Our pricing will vary depending on the size of your outdoor area and how much product we have to use.  DFW Mosquito is proud to serve Tarrant County, Johnson County and parts of Parker County.

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Time it Right – Mosquito Control the Day Before

DFW Mosquito will schedule your treatment the day before your outdoor event to ensure the maximum amount of pesky mosquitoes are eliminated.

After one of our professional technicians treats your property for mosquitoes,  you can be back in your yard in just 10 minutes.  That’s right, in just 10 minutes it will be safe for you, your family, and your pets to head outside and enjoy the outdoors.  All of our mosquito control products are extremely safe for humans and animals.

Call a professional at DFW Mosquito today for a fast and friendly estimate and stop hitting yourself!

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