Our Mosquito Control Program

Enjoy the Benefits of a Mosquito-Free Yard

At DFW Mosquito, we love to say “Stop hitting yourself!”  

Mosquitoes that infest your lawn and yard are not only a nuisance but a health risk too.  The pesky pests may carry the harmful Zika Virus or West Nile Disease. 

Many adults and children are highly allergic to mosquito bites. Mosquito bites are harmful to your furry family members as well, especially dogs, who are in danger of contracting heartworms from mosquito bites.

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Call Us Today For a Mosquito Free Yard

When you call DFW Mosquito and speak to one of our local and friendly customer services representatives they will:

  • Offer you a quick estimate over the phone
  • Guarantee that a DFW Mosquito Technician will provide mosquito extermination at your home in five business days or less.

DFW Mosquito Control Pricing

Your first application of DFW Mosquito control is always $39.95.

After that, our competitive pricing is based on how much product we need to use to ensure your property is substantially pest-free.

DFW Mosquito Control Applications

DFW Mosquito recommends starting your mosquito control program in April. Our highly qualified technicians will treat your property for mosquitoes every  21 days.

When the weather gets colder, and mosquitoes disappear for the winter, we’ll halt your mosquito control program.  An average mosquito control program in Tarrant, Johnson, and Parker Counties is around 12 applications a year.

Where We Apply Our Mosquito Control Products

The professionals at DFW Mosquito will assess your property and create the course of action that is optimal for your yard.  Prime targets for mosquito repellent for your home include:

  • Shrubs – we’ll fog these areas
  • Around your swimming pool
  • All over the back porch
  • Around the front doors
  • Wherever moss gathers in your lawn
  • And much more

We can also treat canopies up to eight feet tall!

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Enjoy Your Yard After 10 Minutes

One of the biggest questions our customers ask is “how long after a backyard mosquito control treatment can we go outside?”

In just 10 minutes it will be safe for you, your family, and your pets to head outside and enjoy the outdoors.  All of our mosquito control products are extremely safe for humans and animals.

How Successful is Your Mosquito Control Program?

DFW Mosquito control treatments will break most mosquito life cycles quickly. For example, if mosquito eggs are lurking in your property, and we fog that area completely and those eggs won’t hatch.  We stop future generation of pesky mosquitoes from bugging you.

DFW Mosquito Control Guarantees

If you are bothered or bitten by with any mosquitoes in between mosquito control treatments, DFW Mosquito will make another visit and lay down a complimentary treatment.  Even if you or your family receives just a few bites, call our friendly customer services specialist, and we’ll add you to our schedule.

The first mosquito yard control treatment will eliminate 80% of those pesky pests. After that, each treatment will remove 90% of the mosquitoes plaguing your property.  Unfortunately, no one can guarantee 100%, but we think we try as hard as we can to control mosquitoes for the residents in the counties of Tarrant, Johnson, and parts of Parker.

Call a professional at DFW Mosquito today for a fast and friendly estimate and stop hitting yourself!

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