How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces This Fall Without Annoying Bugs

How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces This Fall Without Annoying Bugs

Fall is approaching Fort Worth, and many of us can’t wait for the heat to end. Fall in Texas is a time of cool agreeable weather and the perfect time to throw a backyard barbecue. But humans are not the only ones seeking respite from the summer heat. Insects also become more active in the fall and they could put a swift end to your outdoor gatherings. Luckily the pest control experts at DFW have some helpful tips to help you cut down on unwanted party guests so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces in peace. 

Eliminate Standing Water

Many insects, mosquitoes especially, seek outstanding water to lay their eggs. If you want to really bring down the insect population in your yard then you need to eliminate sources of standing water. You may think that there isn’t any standing water in your yard, but you would be surprised at what can retain water. 

  • Garbage can lids
  • Grill covers
  • Pool covers
  • Flower pots
  • Hub caps
  • Old tree stumps
  • Wheelbarrows 
  • Lawn furniture
  • Children’s toys

Take Care Of Your Water Features

Water features are great additions to your landscape but if you aren’t careful they could become mosquito breeding areas. Always make sure that your water features are working properly and by that, we mean that the water should always be moving. For shallow features, such as a birdbath, just switch out the water twice a week to ensure insect eggs do not hatch and larvae don’t pupate.

Check Your Screens

The one place you should not expect to see mosquitoes and other insects are inside your home. To make sure you aren’t being feasted upon while you sleep, check your screens for rips or tears. Consider turning your porch into a screened-in enclosed porch where you can enjoy the evenings without being bothered by mosquitoes. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters can get clogged pretty easily if you have any trees in your yard. This can cause your gutters to back up and overflow when it rains. The added strain can cause physical damage to your home and can even lead to leaks inside the home. Clogged gutters also attract pests like mosquitoes, rodents, and wasps. If you have any damaged boards or vents on your roof then these pests can easily make their way into your home.

Install Outdoor Fans

Mosquitoes, flies, and gnats are small and very light insects; The slightest breeze can blow them off course. Install a ceiling fan above your porch or outdoor seating area or bring out a portable one and the wind-generated will keep insects away.

Dress For Bugs

Mosquitoes and biting gnats are attracted to the scent of our sweat. If you want to throw bugs off your scent wear light and loose clothing that doesn’t retain too much heat. Dark clothes can cause you to sweat more, making you a prime target.

Drink Responsibly

Beverages always make an outdoor gathering more fun. But the more we drink the more the alcohol increases our body temperatures. The hotter we get the more we sweat, giving off that delicious aroma mosquitoes love.  

Mosquito Repellants

Mosquito repellents are a great way to enjoy the outdoors bug-free. Repellants offer temporary relief from biting bugs by masking our natural odors. The Centers For Disease Control recommends using products that contain DEET, oil of lemon, picaridin, and eucalyptus as the main ingredient. 

Call the Mosquito Pros at DFW Mosquito

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your backyard this fall. Call the pest control experts at DFW Mosquito and get set up on a year-round mosquito control program that will keep these pests out of sight and out of mind. 

Are you hosting a special event such as a graduation, wedding, birthday, or holiday and don’t want your guests running home in fear? Call and ask about our mosquito control for special events.

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