10 Places Where Mosquitoes Could Be Hiding On Your Property

10 Places Where Mosquitoes Could Be Hiding On Your Property

If you think your yard is mosquito-free, you might want to rethink that. Mosquitoes are one of nature’s most un-fussy bugs. They’ll make a home to lay their eggs just about anywhere there is still standing water that will not be disturbed. And if you think you’re off the hook because you don’t have a pond, birdbath, or pool, you might want to keep reading. Learning how and where mosquitoes can lay their eggs is one of the most effective forms of backyard mosquito control. If you can prevent them from hatching in the first place, you’ll have fewer problems down the road.

10 Unusual Places Mosquitoes Could Nest On Your Property

1. Pet Bowls

Responsible pet owners know it’s important to keep a bowl of water out for their pets, especially in Texas, where summer temperatures soar. However, if you aren’t diligent about replacing the water every day, your dog’s bowl could become a haven for mosquito larvae.

2. Rain Barrels

Collecting rainwater is a fantastic way to be more environmentally friendly and reduce your water bill. However, if your barrel’s lid is not secured properly, a mama mosquito could easily find her way inside. It only takes one to turn your recycling project into a mosquito infestation. Ensure all lids, spouts, and spigots are secured and check the seal around the top. And while you’re at it, if the rain barrels are connected to your gutters and downspouts, be sure to check those too. Clogged gutters are one of the most common hot spots for mosquito activity.

3. Bird Baths

These have been a fixture of backyards for many years. It’s a lovely way to catch a glimpse of the local birds and provide them with a water source and a place to clean their feathers. Unfortunately, mosquitoes will take advantage of your generosity if you don’t clean the bath regularly. Be sure to change and scrub the bath weekly.

4. Plant Pots, Saucers, And Containers

The saucers under your plant pots and containers can easily turn into a nursery for mosquito eggs. We don’t really think about it when we water our plants, but all that moisture has to go somewhere. Some will evaporate in the sun or be absorbed back into the dirt as the plant drinks, but that gives the mosquitoes time to lay their eggs. It could take a week or longer for the water to dry up.

5. Children’s Playscapes, Tire Swings, And Treehouses

Of all the places for water to collect, an old tire swing or jungle gym is probably the last place you’d think of. However, all those nooks and crannies, especially on tire swings, create pockets where water can build up. Be sure to wipe down playscapes after rainfall to ensure there’s no moisture build-up. Wiping play areas down with a cleaning solution is a great proactive mosquito treatment and can also help reduce germs in general. Every parent knows that children are magnets for germs!

6. Swimming Pools

Specifically, blow-up pools or kiddie pools. These don’t have a filter running on them which means mosquitoes can lay their eggs without fear of having them sucked up. And really, if you’re not running the filter on your inground pool regularly, you’ll be in the same boat. Make sure to keep the filter running and clean, skim with a net, and ensure chlorine levels are maintained, and you shouldn’t have to worry about mosquitoes.

7. Garbage And Recycling Bins

Like rain barrels, trash and recycling bins can easily fill up with water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many bins come with pre-drilled holes on the bottom to let out moisture. This will reduce not only mosquitoes but also mold and mildew. If your waste bins don’t have holes on the bottom, drilling several small holes, no bigger than a pencil eraser, will let out rainwater and help prevent future mosquito infestations. If possible, try to get lids for all your bins.

8. Boats, Rafts, Or Watercrafts

Any water that collects in canoes, kayaks, boats, or other watercraft can invite mosquitoes. Be sure to always store this equipment in a garage or shed where mosquitoes can’t get to it. And be sure to store things upside down when possible so water can drain out.

9. Tarps

Tarps you use to cover your pool, sporting equipment, firewood, or grill can be a potential hot spot. Water can easily settle in all the little folds and crevices. Whenever possible, keep the tarp taut so that water will roll off it and mosquitoes won’t stand a chance.

10. Gardening Equipment

Things like overturned buckets and shovels can hold water. Keeping a tidy garden and always returning your equipment to the shed or garage means you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes nesting in odd places.

As you can see, there’s really no limit to the number of places that mosquitoes will use to lay their eggs. That’s why mosquito control services are so crucial. We have the knowledge and training to look for places that the average homeowner might not realize are issues. And we have the equipment to treat every part of your yard safely, so you have maximum protection!

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