Fascinating Facts About Mosquitoes

Fascinating Facts About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes suck – pun intended. But seriously, have you ever wonder why that is? Why do they need to bite us and drink our blood? Today, we answer some of the most asked questions and interesting factoids about the bug that everyone loves to hate.

Did you know:

There Are Over 3,500 Species of Mosquitoes

However, it’s only a few hundred that feast on blood and make our human lives hell during the summer months.

Mosquitoes Don’t Actually Eat Bloodmosquito eggs

If you’ve ever wondered why mosquitoes eat blood, it’s because the females need this to lay their eggs. But they don’t actually “eat” it in the way you might think. In fact, the blood doesn’t provide nutrients for mosquitoes at all – those come from plants they eat. Rather, the blood allows the eggs to mature inside the female before laying. And it’s only the female mosquitoes that bite. Male mosquitoes will dine on plants in the environment.

Mosquitoes Begin Life In The Water

Backyard mosquito control is more than just spraying to kill adults. Your mosquito control program should also help you identify problem areas, specifically where standing water accumulates. Common culprits are clogged gutters. Mosquito larvae are not unlike frogs in that they hatch in water and grow into adults on land. Female mosquitoes need to lay their eggs in shallow, still water, which is why you may have noticed more mosquitoes after very heavy rain. Extraordinarily, female mosquitoes can do with water as shallow as dampened earth from too much sprinkler use. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye out for standing water. Even an upturned bottle cap could become a mosquito nursery. Other common areas that turn into mosquito breeding grounds are birdbaths, unused swimming pools, and puddling water in low-lying areas of a lawn.

You Can Use Oil Of Lemon Eucalyptus As Organic Mosquito Repellent

It comes from plant leaves and is one of the only CDC-approved chemicals for effectively repelling mosquitoes. And while bug spray won’t be as effective as a mosquito treatment applied to your lawn, it’s better than nothing.

Mosquitoes Love To Murder People

Malaria-ridden mosquitoes infect 250 million people worldwide and kill over one million annually. And that’s not including other mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile, Zika, or dengue fever. These annoying bugs have killed more people over the course of human history than any other cause.

Mosquitoes Can Travel Up To 3 Miles A Day

You may not think it from their tiny wings and erratic flying patterns, but these hungry bugs can fly up to three miles per day. You can’t help but admire the determination momma mosquitoes have when it comes to nurturing their eggs.glass of beer being poured

Mosquitoes Like Beer – Drinkers

According to one recent study, people who consumed beer were more likely to have mosquitoes land on them. So if you enjoy drinking beer outside on the patio during the summer, make sure to wear insect repellant, use citronella torches, or get enlist the help of mosquito control services to keep you and your family bite-free.

Mosquitoes Are As Old As Dinosaurs

The earliest mosquito fossils discovered put their age at between 120 and 210 million years old. That’s quite an impressive survival rate for such a small creature.

Female Mosquitoes Can Hold Their Drinks

Female mosquitoes can consume (or 0.000005) of a liter of blood. While this may not seem impressive initially, this is about two to three times her body weight. Imagine trying to drink 3 times your body weight in wine! We get buzzed just thinking about it.

Texas Has The Greatest Number Of Mosquito Species

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and this includes the number of mosquitoes. At 85 species, the Lone Star State has more of these pests than any other in the union. While Texas has many good things going for it, when it comes to mosquitoes, we got the short end of the stick.

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