What’s In My Gutters: Texas Pests That Can Clog Your Gutters

What’s In My Gutters: Texas Pests That Can Clog Your Gutters

Most homeowners are aware of the important role gutters play in protecting your home. Overflowing gutters can cause wood damage and rot inside your home as well as foundation problems. Depending on where you live, you should check your gutters at least twice a year. Check more often if you live in a wooded area. What most homeowners are NOT aware of is that clogged gutters can also attract a number of pests and some of these pests can make things worse. Check out these Texas pests that could be living in your gutters.

Bees and Waspsbee next on a house

We all know that when we start doing any repairs to our home we have to be on the lookout for bees and wasps. Bees, wasps, and hornets love to build nests in the eaves and peaks of our roofs, behind shutters, and in cracks in siding or brick. When your gutters are clogged it could entice these insects to stay for easy access to freshwater. You should always observe your roof from the ground before you climb a ladder to ensure that there are no bees or wasps present. The last place you want to be attacked by angry bees is on your roof.


Let’s be honest, mosquitoes are the worst part of summer. Mosquitoes in Texas can be so bad that it’s just annoying to even go outside after dusk. If you have read any of our previous blogs on mosquito control then you already know that mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. So when your gutters get clogged with leaves it dams up the water and creates a literal boom of mosquitoes to breed in secret. So make sure all water is flowing and exiting your gutters to make sure mosquitoes aren’t using them as a breeding ground.


Believe it or not, birds are actually a common pest that can lead to gutter clogs. In the spring, birds look for a cozy place out of the wind and rain to build their nests. This is why we recommend putting up birdhouses. When birds build their nests in gutters it can cause them to overflow when it rains. This water can erode the soil away from your foundation which can lead to a cracked foundation and basement flooding.

Rodentssquirrel in gutter

Other popular tenants of your gutters and downspouts are rats, mice, and squirrels. A gutter clogged with pine needles and leaves can create the perfect spot to overwinter. If your attic vents aren’t in good repair, these rodents could easily make their way into your home and cause all sorts of mischief. Regularly checking and cleaning your gutters will discourage mice and other rodents from building nests.


Everything is bigger in Texas and that goes for our venomous snakes. As we mentioned, clogged gutters can be a beacon for rodents, and where there are rodents there’s something that can eat rodents. Snakes can damage your gutters if they are too heavy. Gutters aren’t designed to carry too much weight and a particularly heavy snake could rip them off your fragile fascia board, causing costly damage. But the real danger of having snakes in your gutter is being the one who unexpectedly finds them while standing on a 20-foot ladder.

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