It’s Mosquito Season, Here’s How to Handle It

It’s Mosquito Season, Here’s How to Handle It

It’s spring mosquito season (again) in Fort Worth. While we love our year-round warm weather, it’s tough to have to deal with these annoying creatures all over again. They can ruin outdoor events and take away the sanctuary you’ve created around your home. They can carry diseases, and even if you don’t catch those, their bites itch like crazy. During this time, the demand for spring pest control services are higher than ever!

When Mosquitos and Pests Start to Arrive

In the Dallas and Fort Worth area, it’s said that we have the most mosquitoes to swat away in the United States! Our mosquitoes tend to start arriving around mid-March, leaving more than a few months with the need for spring mosquito control and spring pest control.

Viruses and Diseases Transmitted Through Mosquitoes

Mosquito season here in Fort Worth, TX brings the dangers of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases.
Fort Worth mosquitoes can carry some nasty viruses and diseases. One thing that can be transmitted through a mosquito bite is this Chikungunya Virus. This can cause headaches, fever, joint pain, and other symptoms. That’s not something you’ll want to have hindering your summer fun.

Another one is Dengue Fever. Statistically, about one in four people who are infected with this disease will get sick and show symptoms. Isn’t it weird to think you could have this and never even show signs of it?

The West Nile Virus is the most commonly occurring one, with about one in 150 people developing a serious illness from it. The most frightening part of this virus is there are no vaccines or medication treatments to aid in recovery if you are one of the people that become infected.

The Zika Virus is something that is spread through a specific mosquito, the Aedes species. This virus can be found throughout the United States, with a very generous amount showing up and making their homes right here in Texas.

Spring Mosquito Prevention and Spring Pest Control

Everyone’s first choice and the best option to avoid these diseases and complications should always be focused on prevention. While unfortunately there are no vaccines currently available to aid in this approach, there are other options to keep the mosquitoes that carry these away from you and your family.

Some prevention steps that you can include are limiting the open water around your home, such as leaving your pool uncovered, letting puddles around your home be untreated, or having your gutters stay clogged. Another resource to use as mosquito control are lemongrass and eucalyptus oils.

The best option is to have your home professionally treated on a recurring basis for mosquitoes and pests. Repeated mosquito control has proven itself to be effective and can help make your outdoor fun even better knowing you and your family are safe from the nasty diseases and viruses that they can carry.

At DFW, a spring mosquito control and spring pest control treatment begins as soon as mosquito season starts, and we continue to care for your yard by treating it about every 21 days.

We have found that our clients receive around 12 spray treatment applications a year. These are applied generously around your lawn and landscaping. We focus on hotspots, like near the pool, around your doors, and any mossy area. Additionally, DFW will fog-treat your shrubs for some extra protection.

Dreading Spring Mosquito Season? Call DFW Mosquito For a Quote!

If mosquitoes have you dreading spring mosquito season just like we are, DFW Mosquito is here to help! Contact us for a quote at (817) 615-4944, or find us on Facebook for more information. DFW Mosquito guarantees your happiness with our services. If you or your family finds yourself with bites, let us know. We will provide an additional complementary treatment to ensure your happiness.