Give the Gift of a Mosquito-Free Year

Give the Gift of a Mosquito-Free Year

Mosquitoes are annoying and deadly pests. Nobody wants to share a backyard with these buzzing biters, but they are persistent. This holiday season, give the gift of a mosquito-free year with a Mosquito Control Program from DFW Mosquito. Having a consistent mosquito control program means you’ll be giving someone you love their lawn back. They’ll finally be able to kick back and relax without having to worry about annoying mosquitoes. Here are a few reasons to consider the gift of a mosquito control program this holiday season.

Consistent Applications

Effective mosquito control requires consistent applications throughout the year. With the gift of mosquito control from DFW Mosquito, that’s exactly what they’ll get. Our Mosquito Control Program is designed to be as persistent as the mosquitoes. Our expert technicians will treat the property every 21 days to ensure consistent mosquito control. Applications will stop when the weather becomes too cold for mosquitoes to survive. In the end, an average Mosquito Control Program from DFW Mosquito includes about 12 applications throughout the year.

Targeted Mosquito Control

To make a mosquito control program as efficient as possible, it’s important to know where the mosquito hot zones are. An expert from DFW Mosquito inspects the property to locate the top hiding places, breeding spots, and the homes of the mosquitoes in order to create an efficient plan of attack. Hitting the mosquitoes where they nest and breed greatly reduces their population and helps prevent more from coming back.

    Common Places to Treat for Mosquitoes Include:

    With a mosquito control program from DFW Mosquito, you'll be giving someone you care about the gift of a mosquito-free year and eliminate the next generation of mosquitoes.

  • Around the Swimming Pool
  • Shaded Areas
  • Shrubs
  • Areas of Standing Water
  • Anywhere There is Moss
  • Back Porch
  • Front Door

Our goal is to control the mosquitoes at every stage of life. From eggs to adults, we aim to break the mosquito’s life cycle and prevent future generations of these biting pests from infesting the lawn.

The DFW Mosquito Control Guarantee

Within 10 minutes after the mosquito control treatment, the lawn will be safe to play in. Not just that, the lawn will be virtually mosquito-free. If you or your family experience any mosquito bites between treatments, call us and we’ll provide a complementary treatment to take care of the mosquito stragglers.

Call DFW Mosquito and Give the Gift of Mosquito Control

If you’re looking to give someone you care about the gift of a mosquito-free year, then DFW Mosquito has the answer. Give the gift of a Mosquito Control Program from DFW Mosquito this holiday season.

Call the DFW Mosquito experts at (817) 615-4944 or get a free quote here. If you’re looking for the top mosquito control tips and information, then check out our blog. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear about the latest holiday deals and news.