Reducing Mosquito Populations

Our fogging program will not only eradicate mosquitos on your property, but will also control fleas and ticks that also may pose a problem for you and your family pets.

We highly recommend our full season control that runs from March 15 thru October 15 with a fogging application every 21 days. We also recommend homeowners try to reduce habitat that can become mosquito breeding areas.

ABOVE: Mosquito larva suspended in water

Because mosquitos breed in water, you can help reduce mosquitos by going around your property and correcting standing water problems, including doing such things as storing buckets, pails, and kiddie pools upside down when not in use. Changing water in bird baths frequently also is recommended. This also would include changing your pet's outdoor water dish.

Homeowners should also look for other areas, especially areas that have poor drainage conditions that cause standing water. In fact, any standing water could be?a breeding ground. Remove the standing water, and you greatly remove the opportunity of creating breeding spots.

Mosquito Prevention

Implementing a regular mosquito control program will greatly reduce and mostly eliminate dangerous mosquitos from your property. This insures that your family, friends and pets will have a safe and pleasant outdoor experience. Don't let these bugs, bug your outdoor parties.

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